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Condensing Furnaces: How They Reduce Your Utility Bills

Standard furnaces offer homeowners a way to effectively heat their homes using inexpensive natural gas. The condensing furnace is a high-efficiency heating system that encourages peak energy savings. It  also

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Tax Credits from Fiscal Cliff for Energy-Efficiency Updates Can Help You

Congressional approval of the Fiscal Cliff deal is proving to be a boon for homeowners who want to upgrade their home comfort systems. Why? You can once again take advantage

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Better Than The Energy Star Logo: The Energy Star Most Efficient Label

No matter how well something works, it seems there comes a time when it must move aside to make room for something new and better. Cars replaced horses long ago,

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The Gas-Fired Furnace In Your Sacramento Home: How It Does The Job

Winters tend to be a little milder in California than they are elsewhere, but we certainly need our heating systems here. Many residents have adopted newer technologies, including solar, but

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Gas Furnace Features: Bells, Whistles Or Essentials? You Decide

It may have been some years since you bought a gas furnace, and if you’re shopping for a replacement now, you may be surprised at all the furnace features you

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The Home Energy Audit: Where The Blower Door Test Comes In

Although the Sacramento area can be warm any time of year, the temperature trend is downward this time of year, and you may be looking for ways to make your

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Maintain Ideal Humidity Levels In Your Sacramento-Area Home

As temperatures begin to dip in the Sacramento area, you’ll be using your furnace more. Although that warmth is nice when it’s chilly outside, furnace heating has its drawbacks, dry

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Communicating With Your HVAC Tech: It Helps To Speak The Same Language

When it comes to communicating with your HVAC tech, it helps to have a basic knowledge of how your system works.

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Checking And Changing The Filter In Your Furnace: So Easy To Do, So Easy To Forget

You vacuum your carpet every week. You clean the sinks and the shower. You dust the furniture. But there may be something in your home that’s absolutely filthy — and

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Choosing And Using Your Smoke Alarms And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors save lives — that’s a given. But going out and buying one of each and then putting them up somewhere in your house isn’t

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