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Your Fall Furnace Inspection: Read On

Cooler weather is just around the corner in the Sacramento area, and before long, it will be time to fire up the furnace for another heating season. Before the worst

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DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Cool

During a summer in the Sacramento area, the air conditioner in your home works overtime to keep you comfortable, and this hard work can cause stress to the system. In

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Water Heater Maintenance Tasks to Keep It Operating Efficiently and Effectively

Water heaters are important for daily tasks around the house, but homeowners often don’t think to perform water heater maintenance regularly. Other systems, such as furnaces and air conditioners, are usually

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Using Caulk to Seal Air Leaks in Your Sacramento Home

Air leaks throughout your home will cause uncomfortable drafts and increases in your heating and cooling expenses. In most cases, leaks are small (less than a 1/4-inch) and can be sealed

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Your Annual Furnace Tune-up: What to Expect From Your Tech

Fall is the perfect time for an annual furnace tune-up so your system is ready for the cooler days ahead. While you can do some maintenance yourself, such as changing

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Common Ductwork Obstructions That Might Be Affecting Your Sacramento Home

Your home’s ductwork distributes conditioned air from your heating and cooling system to each of the rooms. Like every other part of mechanical appliances, it needs to be cared for

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Check Insulation Levels in Your Sacramento Home Before the Cold Snap

With winter on the way, fall is a great time to check insulation levels in your Sacramento home to see if you could save money on your energy bills. 

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Maintain Your Electronic Air Cleaner and Breathe Easy

As the seasons swing toward winter and leaving your home open for fresh air becomes less and less desirable, your indoor air quality will rely more heavily on how well

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Tips to Use Your Ductless Mini Split Correctly and Improve Cold Weather Performance

A ductless mini split can do a good job of heating in a climate like ours, where temperatures usually aren’t severely cold.

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A Fall Home Heating Checklist to Get Ready for Cooler Temps

Get your home heating system ready for winter by checking out your HVAC system before you need it. This fall home heating checklist will ensure that you’re comfortable when the

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